Japanese Bonsai Trees
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Bonsai Tree Air Plant

Bonsai Tree Air Plant

Epiphytic plants are among the most fascinating of all tropicals. Epiphytes include Orchids, Bromeliads, Ferns and other amazing plants. Amazing because they do not reguire soil to grow. Because there is no soil, watering is, in the main, via humidity. Our bonsai tree air plant is very easy to grow because it is quite able to take care of itself. Provide bright or subdued indirect sunlight, humidity, warmth, and weekly watering. 6" tall Includes ceramic bonsai tree in a 5" black oval ceramic container as shown with 5 air plants that form the canopy of the tree.NOTE: Do NOT use tap water. Use bottled water only. Chemicals in tap water will kill the air plant!


           5Japanese Maple (acer palmatum 'dwarf pygmy')               Chinzan Azalea (Large) (Satzuki Azalea

5Japanese Maple (acer palmatum 'dwarf pygmy')          Chinzan Azalea (Large) (Satzuki Azalea Chinzan)

 Citrus Tree (    

           Citrus Tree ("Calamondin" Orange)  

                      Chinese Flowering White Serissa S-Shape
 - Large Tree of a Thousand Stars (Serissa Japonica)                

Chinese Flowering White Serissa S-Shape - Large Tree of a Thousand Stars (Serissa Japonica

 Andromeda (pieris japonica variegata)       Artificial Cherry Blossom  

Andromeda (pieris japonica variegata)            Artificial Cherry Blossom "Cascade Style"

 Artificial Flowering Bougainvillea   Artificial Flowering Azalea  

            Artificial Flowering Bougainvillea                                             Artificial Flowering Azalea

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                             Japanese Bonsai Seeds:

 Firethorn Seeds       Ginko Seeds      Japanese Birch Seeds  

 Japanese Black Pine Seeds               Japanese Five Needle Pine Seeds  

 Japanese green Maple Seeds           Japanese Greybark Elm Seeds  

 Japanese Hornbeam Seeds               Japanese Larch Seeds   

 Japanese Red Maple Seeds              Japanese Red Pine Seeds  

 Red Heavenly Bamboo Seeds    Trident Maple Seeds     Yezo Spruce Seeds  

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