Border to Border Shuttle Service
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Providing safe, professional, prompt, and economical one way and round trip transportation within the state of Kansas and to and from airports in Wichita and Kansas City.

Point to point limousine service available for individuals or groups withing the continental United States.  Licensed by the USDOT and KCC.

To Make reservations or for a price quote, please call Aaron or Pam Sander:

Toll Free: 888-363-6500   or  Cell: 620-242-2042


You will have a better experience if you have important travel documents out, coats and jackets off, and carry-on items ready for inspection prior to reaching the security check point when you travel by air.  A few other impostant items to note:

·        Travel with unwrapped gifts.  If a wrapped gift sets off an alarm, TSA security will need to unwrap the gift to resolve the alarm.

·        When traveling with children a discussion in advance of airport security may be helpful.  At the checkpoint, children will need to temporarily part with such things as blankets and stuffed animals, and older children need to know that any comment suggesting a threat to an aircraft or its passengers is taken seriously by TSA security officers.

·        Remember to put identification tags in and on all baggage including laptops.

·        Put undeveloped film in carry-on baggage because equipment used to screen checked baggage will damage film.  Also, high-speed and specialty film should not be put through X-ray machines, so passengers may ask security officers at the checkpoint to physically inspect them.

·        Air travelers can help ensure the security process is smooth by following the checklist available at The website has a prohibited items list, advice for packing, and information on what types of jewelry, shoes, or clothing may set off a metal detector.  The TSA has also partnered with airlines to make the checklist available at airport ticket counters and on airline websites.

·        Everyone, even frequent fliers, should double check the contents of their pockets and bags, particularly carry-on luggage, to ensure no prohibited items were inadvertently packed.

·        Don’t over-pack bags.  If security officers have to open them, closing overstuffed bags can be difficult and may result in that check bad being delayed until a later flight.

·        TSA’s checkpoint protocols require all passengers to remove outer coats and jackets for X-ray before proceeding through the metal detectors.  That includes suit and sport coats, athletic warm-up jackets and blazers.  If a jacket or blazer is being worn as am innermost garment – not over a blouse or sweater, for example – it does not have to come off.

·        If TSA security officers need to open a locked bag for inspection, they may have to break the lock.  If you choose to lock your bag, we recommend using a TSA-recognized lock, which has a locking system that enables security officers to relock the bag.

·        To minimize the risk of damage or loss, don’t pack fragile or valuable items in checked baggage.  Take them with you in carry-on baggage or ship them to your destination instead.

Communications Services for travellers: 

Please click on SpeedyPin for cheap, high quality prepaid and postpaid calling cards within the USA, worldwide service to and from the USA and most overseas points.  Why not give a prepaid calling card to a service man or service woman who is overseas?

SpeedyPin Ultra-low International Rates Make your long distance calling worldwide and nationwide easy and affordable. Shop with confidence knowing that your purchase is secure and guaranteed. Since PINs are delivered instantly, you can start calling within minutes.

AccuLinQ Calling Card from 4.9˘/minute Outstanding (USA-48 origination) service, monthly billed card. There is no per-call surcharge with the exception of payphone calls. Online signup and account management system.

AccuGlobe Global Origination Calling Card Outstanding (USA-48 AND International Origination) service, featuring low international and interstate rates. Billed monthly, the regular cost of interstate service is 5.9˘ per minute.

CogniTalk prepaid calling card Ultra-Discounted Prepaid Calling Card. (US-48 origination). Great rates to all International Destinations. Not rechargeable. Quantity discounts available. Email PINs only - same day delivery!

Talk Home Calling Card Prepaid Calling Card (US-48 origination) with great International rates. 3.8˘ Germany, 3.8˘ Italy, 19.9˘ India...

More communication services for travellers:

 Services for Travellers     Services Outside North America   

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