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             0 avg.png     0 ad_aware_pro_75.png    Double Anti-Spy Professional    

Replace with Ad-Aware Pro Anniversary Edition paw_button.cmpPlease click paw to buy

Get these additional features with Ad-Aware Pro:

  • Toolbox (includes Process Watch, AutoStart Manager, ThreatWork, and Hosts File Editor)
  • Real-Time Network Protection
  • Command Line Support
  • Network Drive Scanning

                                       0 a-squared anti-malware.png

a-squared Anti-Malware New Version 3.0!
(with scanner and background guard with IDS)

a-squared Anti-Malware is a Malware scanner and remover of the latest generation which is specialized in Trojans, Dialers and Spyware. So it is the perfect addition to your existing antivirus software. [read more]

Unbeatable realtime protection

The a-squared background guard prevents harmful programs running on your PC. It blocks Malware before it can become active. To do so, it uses our unique and highly effective behavior analysis technology to provide an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) which alerts you immediately if any running programs exhibit suspicious behaviour. [IDS details]

Reliably prevents against:
  • Trojan Horses
    Including keyloggers and backdoors, which open up your PC to attackers control or use your PC to send spam emails.
  • Worms
    Bagle & others are worm viruses which usually arrive as an email attachment. Worms can destroy all your saved data.
  • Dialers
    Change the dial-in number of your modem connection to premium rate numbers causing high phone bills .
  • Spyware
    Adware and HiJackers continuously show annoying popup ads and spy your private data as well.                         




    Can't wait to see "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince"? Thinking about downloading a pirated copy? Think again, as it could contain malware.

    Cybercriminals are pushing "blackhat" search engine optimization tactics to target the most popular file sharing and P2P networks, pursuing those interested in upcoming movie releases and in particular taking advantage of the sizeable Harry Potter fan base wanting to download the movie in advance of its screening.

    Fans are baited with text like: 'Watch "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" online free'. What appears to be a legitimate looking website then redirects you to a video offer which prompts you to download and install the additional "streamviewer". The streamviewer, however, is installing malware. Suddenly, missing out on a sneak peek is the least of your worries!

    As a trial user you won’t be able to remove threats from your PC. Subscribe to Spyware Doctor™ with AntiVirus or PC Tools Internet Security™ for the most comprehensive protection.

    "Harry Potter" and "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" are registered trade marks of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. in Australia and/or other countries.

                 spyware doctor with antivirus      internet security,internetsecurity   TuneUp Utilities 2009,complete windows tuneup <Complete Windows TuneUp

     Comodo,live remote pc support 

    protect your kids online,internet
 control  block access to bad sites    parental controls for children  kill spyware&adware 

    language translation software,Discover
 SYSTRAN Translation Software version 6.0   Discover Home Translator 6  

      American Sign Language - Dictionary

 Edition  Buy DiskMagik defrag your hard drive 

       0 bible art.gif     Protect your files with Carbonite Online Backup     

                      Bible Clipart                                Back up your data to a remote, secure location      

     Webroot Secure Backup 468x60                                         

     Featured Blowout Offer of the Week + Overstock Deals  


     FREE Performance Scan!,speed up my pc,speed up mypc  PC Pitstop's Optimize   CA Anti-Spyware 2008  CA Internet Security Suite 2008   HOST-based intrusion prevention system  

     threat manager  threat manager total defense 


    0 norton antibot.png  Iomega Corporation,istorage,access your files from anywhere          

          ^Norton™ AntiBot provides advanced, real-time protection against new and emerging malicious bots. It protects your PC from unauthorized remote access and tampering, detects and stops automated botnet attacks launched by hackers, blocks attempts to take control of your PC, and delivers extra protection against emerging "zero-day" threats. Has minimal impact on your PC's performance, so you can continue to work and play normally
    Detects malicious software at the deepest levels of your Windows® system in real time to defeat hidden attacks that other products can't tackle
    Stops and removes malicious bots before they can cause damage or steal personal information.

               Protect your PC from being hijacked - Norton AntiBot 

     Avanquest Software Deal of the Week  

    Find all current special offers on Adobe products.      


    Fix-It Utilities™ 9 Professional - Box

    Fix-It Utilities™ 9 Professional - Box

    Is your PC slowing down, crashing or simply not booting? All computers slow down with use, as you add and delete files, install/uninstall software and perform normal activities. Just like a car, your computer needs regular maintenance and repair. Fix-It Utilties will restore your computer back to peak performance with over 40 tune-up and repair tools. Defend your PC with integrated anti-virus and anti-spyware tools. Fix-It Utilities finds and prevents problems before they happen and provides easy, scheduled maintenance to keep your PC running like new! Includes: 1 year of free Product Updates. 1 year of free Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware Threat Updates. 90-Day Money Back Guarantee. 3-PC Licenses for Windows XP & Vista


     Fix-It Utilities™ 9 Professional - Download   

      Overstock Deals Computer Accessories & More   RadioTracker,download your favorite movie music   

     Check Out This Week's Free Offers @ 'NothingButSoftware'  

    Please click here for screensavers. 

      Cheap Lotus 1-2-3Lotus 1-2-3                               

     E-Press One Library 2007 

                                ^You Get   30 Full Version Titles:
    Peachtree Accounting 2006, Avery Design Pro, Serif PagePlus 10,  
    OrgChart Professional 3.0, Ulead PhotoImpact 11, Ulead Movie Factory 4
    ConceptDraw MINDMAP, Namo WebEditor 2006, Namo WebCanvas 2006
    Namo FreeMotion 2006, e-PDF Editor, Author, Numerics, Showtime, DataCache
    Omni-Mail, PC Defender, SuperCalc, FileZilla, e-CHECKER, e-NOTETAKER
    e-ZIP, e-BACKUP, e-BARCODE, e-TOGO, e-SPEAKER, Author Jr.
    Numerics Jr., Showtime Jr., e-CONTACTS

  • ****************************************************************
  • 0 academic flashcards.gif<Academic FlashCards is a suitable, effective study tool for elementary, secondary, high school, and college students, as well as adults. Learners of all ages will enjoy this exciting study tool. Use one of our many free downloadable databases or create unlimited lists of flashcards on any subject yourself, either by manually entering the terms and definitions or questions and answers, or by pasting in long lists from outside sources. These can then be studied by manually clicking thru the cards or using an automatic timer set to any chosen interval, either in random or alphabetical order. The program has many customizable options and is highly intuitive and simple to use. The simplified, clear and comprehensive help menu makes it a tool which can be mastered in minutes by almost anyone. Academic FlashCards is endorsed by many educators and is considered to be one of the simplest and most useful study programs available. Select or insert your own wallpaper, insert images
  •  build sites with the industry standard  Photo Shop Elements 5.0  acrobat 8 pro,adobe pdf documents  adobe production studio video bundle 
  •  Acrobat 8 generic  macromedia contribute 3  flash pro 8  studio 8  
  • Email Cleanser: If you have ever received an email message full of >>>> characters and broken lines then you need Email Cleanser. Just one click and those messy messages are history.  Clean up your email before forwarding with:  Buy Email Cleanser 

    Network Magic

    Network Magic for help setting up your network

    Network Magic makes everyday use of your home network easy and intuitive. It is powerful software that eliminates the guesswork and frustration of home networking. System Requirements: Pentium III processor or higher recommended 128 MB RAM 15 MB of available hard disk space


    Create your own Web Site:


                         Small Business Websites In Just 5 Minutes!  Click Here for CoffeeCup Website Design Software 

  •  Drivers update:

  •  update your drivers now  Driver Genius Free Scan,find out what drivers are crashing your PC 

  • Security: 

  • Ad Blocker Pro - Box

    Ad Blocker Pro - Box

    Stop Annoying Pop-Up Ads Even if you have installed a firewall or antivirus software, ads and messages can be pushed to your browser screen. They take up space, interrupt your work, and consume valuable processing resources. Ad Blocker Pro stops them from entering your PC insuring you with a clean and productive Internet environment.


  • 0 spyhunter.jpg <SpyHunter V 2.7      

  •   Spyhunter finds & removes Spyware, Adware, Keyloggers.
      Prevent credit card theft due to Spyware.

    Protect your privacy and secure your computer. 

    0 spyremover.gif                            

    Buy Spy Remover 

    Webroot Software Inc.,webroot
 spy sweeper 


        0 spyremover.gif     Aluria Spyware Eliminator 4.0    SpyCatcher,spy catcher  ebroot spy sweeper 4.5 recommended by Kim Komando,  Spy RemoverKomando

  •  Spyware Solver by NoAdware  

     Acronis Privacy Expert Suite 8.0   Zero Spyware V2005   Zero Spyware - Zero Net History Bundle   eTrust PestPatrol Anti-Spyware  

      Buy Noadware  (No Ad Ware)       Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal    Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal Pro   

  •    Download Kaspersky Internet Security 6.0    


    Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Linux Servers

    Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Linux Servers

    KAV for Linux Server is a unique integrated anti-virus for file and application servers and also for e-mail gateways. Buy it online for most reasonable price, Download it within minutes and Get your well-needed protection immediately.


  •  Download Kaspersky Anti-Spam Enterprise Edition       

  •  20% off Norton product bundles  Symantec norton computer security                       

  • WinTasks - Increase System Security & Performance 

    Complete Delete(tm) Download     

  •     Spam Shredder Download        

  • Pop-up blockers:

       Freedom Pop-up Blocker  0 no pop up 20060322.gif      


    0 popup cop.gif  <POP UP COP:  blocks unwanted popup windows without interfering with normal Web browsing. PopUpCop is designed to return control of your browsing experience back to you. It does not block all advertisements: it blocks irritating Web site behavior, which is often used for advertisements. PopUpCop is completely customizable. You can choose what techniques and technologies to block, from blocking nothing to turning off images, Java applets, ActiveX controls, JavaScript, and 15 other potentially annoying techniques. You may want to change what to block depending on where you are browsing. To make all this flexibility easy to control, PopUpCop features two unique control mechanisms: the Internet irritation indicator and the Internet irritation level slider. These two controls work together to provide information about the techniques that a web site is using and to make it easy for the user to block a collection of techniques.

    Memory Optimizers:   

  • DiskMagik is an intelligently designed utility to defragment the hard drive of a Windows PC. Compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista, DiskMagik has several powerful features not included in the Windows defrag utility including the ability to rearrange and reprioritize the order of files on the disk, permitting faster file access on demand. In addition, it includes our exclusive "Proactive Defragmentation" technology. This extraordinary feature gives you the option to run DiskMagik silently in the background at all times. A MUST-HAVE for all computer users interested in maintaining their computer's performance to help maintain your system in peak operating condition.

  •  Buy DiskMagik 

  • 0 tenebril uninstaller.jpg      Buy Easy Uninstaller        0 your unstaller! 2008 pro.gif

  • ^Tenebril Uninstaller        ^Easy Uninstaller     ^Your Uninstaller! 2008 Pro

  •  FREE Performance Scan with SpeedUpMyPC 3.0 

    0 superr ram booster 20060322.gif <Super RAM Booster Overview Super RAM Booster frees up Ram to increase your system performance. This is done by forcing Windows to remove all the data that is not currently needed from the memory. This software boost some application up to 40% faster.

    0 memory boost pro.jpg MemoryBoost Pro helps your machine run faster, and more reliably, by recovering unused memory (or RAM). As your computer runs, programs slowly consume memory (even after they've been closed). When your computer begins to run out of memory, the system must work very hard to find more; all your programs slow down, and your system as a whole may become unstable. MemoryBoost Pro runs silently from your system tray, watching your computer's memory use. If memory becomes low, it quickly frees up some. MemoryBoost Pro defragments your memory, further enhancing performance. And its SmartCPU feature keeps MemoryBoost Pro from working while you're working; you won't even notice that it's there. Advanced features allow you to set desired and required levels of memory which MemoryBoost Pro will maintain. Using MemoryBoost Pro, your computer will remain stable longer and your programs will run faster.

              Buy DU Meter 

  • DU Meter is a powerful and user-friendly tool that provides an accurate account of the data which is flowing through your computer's network connection at any given moment. This readout is presented in both numerical and graphical format, in real time. DU Meter includes extensive logging facility, flexible events system, and more. DU Meter works with virtually all types of network connections: phone modems, DSL, cable modem, LAN, satellite, and more. Fully compatible with all Windows versions.

                  Buy DU Meter (English)                         Buy DU Meter (Spanish) 

    0 tweakmaster 20060322.gif <TweakMASTER is the supreme Internet Optimizer from the leading pioneers in the field. It will optimize and speed up your Internet connection, be it dial-up, DSL, cable, or wireless. Using the simple wizard, TweakMASTER can greatly increase your surfing speeds. With Advanced Ping and TraceRoute, Smart Whois, DNS Accelerator and other features, TweakMASTER is a comprehensive package that will satisfy both the novice and seasoned user.

     Buy TweakMASTER PRO 

  • ^TweakMASTER PRO is the supreme Internet Optimizer from the leading pioneers in the field. It will optimize and speed up your Internet connection, be it dial-up, DSL, cable, or wireless. Using the simple wizard, TweakMASTER can greatly increase your surfing speeds. With Advanced Ping and TraceRoute, Smart Whois, DNS Accelerator and other features, TweakMASTER is a comprehensive package that will satisfy both the novice and seasoned user. TweakMASTER PRO also includes LinkFox and DU Meter for even greater power to speed up and monitor your Internet connection.

            Buy TweakMASTER PRO (English)       Buy TweakMASTER PRO 1.7 (Spanish) 



    Advanced Registry Optimizer

    Advanced Registry Optimizer

    Advanced Registry Optimizer is the best solution for registry problems. It will make the registry cleaner,leaner and fitter which result in faster program access and better speed and reduced seek time.


  •  Get 10% Off Your Spyzooka Order. [Coupon Code: SPY10].  

       Free Registry Scan,registry booster   Img117.jpg <Tired of Windows crashing? Sick of having software lock up on you or taking forever to load? The problem could be all of those incorrect registry entries caused by software installations and un-installations that went awry! Not all software un-installations do a complete job leaving behind numerous nagging file references in the Windows registry pointing to files that no longer exist. In time, you can end up with hundreds of these files that may slow down your computer and cause software to lock up, requiring a hard reboot of your computer.

    Also, if you've moved your programs from one drive to another, you can break the file links that a program needs. Registry First Aid will find these files and folders that you've moved on your hard drive and help you correct the registry entries that point to them.                                                                                      Registry First Aid scans registry for orphan file/folder references, finds these files or folders on your drives that may have been moved from their initial locations, and then corrects your registry entries to match the located files or folders. In addition, if your registry has links to files of deleted applications, Registry First Aid will find these invalid entries and remove them from your registry. With Registry First Aid, your Windows registry will be always clean and correct, helping your programs load faster and speeding up your computer.

    Registry First Aid allows you to:

    - find invalid file/folder references in Windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP registry;
    - select drives and paths where to search registry referenced files/folders;
    - select found matches to make corrections to invalid registry entries;
    - delete incorrect registry references to previously un-installed files or folders;
    - create undo files in RegEdit4 format, so you always can restore Windows registry to the original state. Registry First Aid - Keep it clean and keep it fast!

     Buy Registry First Aid 2.5 

     Buy Registry First Aid 5.0 

     Buy Registry First Aid Platinum 

    0 registry compressor 20060322.jpg  Registry Compressor: The System Registry is like the central nervous system of your computer. Virtually all Windows programs, and Windows itself, store a massive array of information inside this database. These thousands of entries control the behavior and appearance of virtually everything on your system.  Registery Compressor is not available seperately and is now part of Registry First Aid 5.0

    With Registry Compressor you will:

    • Improve system performance.
    • Reduce the amount of time it takes your system to boot.
    • Save memory by compacting the registry.
    • Protect your privacy by permanently erasing previously deleted entries.
    • Prevent registry corruption by building a fresh copy of the registry.              


  •  Buy TradeTrakker 

  • TradeTrakker is an easy-to-use, yet powerful financial portfolio management application. Whether you are new to investing or an experienced trader, TradeTrakker will help you monitor and analyze your stock and mutual fund positions, providing powerful insight into how well your investments are performing.

    TradeTrakker is the ideal way for investors all over the world to keep track of their investment accounts and analyze their performance.

    TradeTrakker is available by electronic download only.

  • Supervising your children on the computer (parental control software):

  •                        Webroot Software Inc.,powerful and easy protection with webroot parental controls,are your kids safe on the internet?       

             Freedom Parental Control   Freedom Anti-Virus & Firewall & Parental Control  

     ZAPaSPAM for Outlook. ZAPaSPAM is a permission based software that eliminates all unwanted e-mails. Using our patent pending technology, ZAPaSPAM only allow authorized e-mails to pass through to your Inbox. ZAPaSPAM fully integrates with Outlook. All features are accessible from our easy to use toolbar. Our setup wizard will help the user to install and use it within 5 minutes. Buy ZAPaSPAM for Outlook with Parental Controls 

    ZAPaSPAM for Outlook Express. ZAPaSPAM is a permission based software that eliminates all unwanted e-mails. Using our patent pending technology, ZAPaSPAM only allow authorized e-mails to pass through to your Inbox. ZAPaSPAM fully integrates with Outlook Express. All features are accessible from our easy to use toolbar. Our setup wizard will help the user to install and use it within 5 minutes. Buy ZAPaSPAM for Outlook Express w/Parental Controls 

    Safe Chat with Parental Controls is a universal messenger that support MSN, Yahoo, AIM and ICQ network. The parental controls features let the parents block other messengers, mask foul language, block web based chat sites and set chat access hours.  Buy Safe Chat Universal Messenger w/Parental Controls   

    Media software:

  •  Learn more about Corel MediaOne Plus  Learn more about Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2  Corel Painter Essentials 4  Corel Photo Album 6 

  •  Learn more about Ulead Photo Express 6  Learn more about Ulead PhotoImpact 12  Learn more about Ulead Pocket DV Show 

  •  InterVideo iVideoToGo   Learn More about Ulead DVD MovieFactory 6  Learn more about Ulead MediaStudio Pro 8 

  •  Learn more about Ulead Video Studio 11 Plus 

  • MISC: 

  • My MailList & AddressBook

    My MailList & AddressBook

    The easy way to manage your names, addresses and more! Quickly print out labels, postcards, and envelopes. Use fonts, colors, logos and the thousands of clip art images that are included.


  • My Mail List & Address Book - Box

    My Mail List & Address Book - Box

    Mailing List and Label Software - Make personalized address labels MyMailList & AddressBook mailing list and label design software is perfect for mail list management. Organize your contact information and print personalized labels. Import data from popular database software or enter new information easily. Print out custom labels, postcards and envelopes with logos and graphics. Send personalized emails to specific contacts or your entire email list with one click.


    0 business icons.jpg  0 icons connection.png    

  • 0 copy advd 20030322.gif <CopyDVD CopyDVD allows you to convert DVD to VCD2.0/SVCD1.0/AVI and then Burn the VCD. So there is no need for additional Burner to Burn VCD. It produces good quality movies in AVI/MPEG1/2 format. Splitting and Multiplexing are included. What do you need ============== -Adaptec ASPI Driver -DirectX 8.1 -Eventualy a DVD player (like WinDVD or Power DVD) How to install ========== - Run the Setup program

    TradeTrakker is an easy-to-use, yet powerful financial portfolio management application. Whether you are new to investing or an experienced trader, TradeTrakker will help you monitor and analyze your stock and mutual fund positions, providing powerful insight into how well your investments are performing.

    TradeTrakker is the ideal way for investors all over the world to keep track of their investment accounts and analyze their performance.

    This product is available by electronic download only. Buy TradeTrakker   

      Buy Family Picture Calendar creator         

    ^Family Picture Calendar Creator        B

    0 business cards designer pro.jpg0 greeting cards designer 20050116.jpgn s HiJaak Photags  Designer Pro   Greeting cards designer

    0 label maker with data merge.jpg      o small business publisher.jpg                                                          


    MyAttorney Home & Business - Box

    MyAttorney Home & Business - Box

    Professional Guidance for Legal Affairs Starting a business? Applying for a loan? Creating a Will? These tasks require legal expertise worth hundreds of dollars and hours to accomplish. MyAttorneyGäó Home & Business provides an easy-to-use solution with comprehensive and professional legal tools for small business, home, or family at a fraction of an attorney's cost. Get instant access to thousands of legal contracts, forms, letters, and worksheets for business and personal finance, employment, estate planning, real estate, and more.




  • Label maker with data merge    Small Business Publisher

     $15 Off Orders of $49 or more   Click Here for CoffeeCup Website Design
 Software  SALE: Up to 75% Off on Software                      

  •  Falling Prices All Month Long @    Get it all, Get it here at PC Mall we've
 got it all 

  •   150x40 v-com    

  •  View the CWA cartoon "Chained to my PC"!

  •  Operation Komando, support our troops,send gifts to troops in Iraq 


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